Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Study the position of border residents in control of border (Case study: The borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Turkmenistan in the area of North Khorasan            0000-00-00
2    Level factors on the importance of border disputes (boundaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran)            2014-01-23
3    Examine the impact of war on national security cases (IRI Iran)    M.Sc.    Dolat Abadi, Somayeh    2014-03-17
4    Assess the impact of a trans-border ethnic minorities in border control (ethnic Baluch borders of Iran and Pakistan)    M.Sc.    yousefi, reza yousefi    2014-06-11
5    The evaluation the position of geo-economic indices in Iran's geopolitical weight (Emphasis on energy resources and transit position)    M.Sc.    boroojerdi, faezeh    2015-11-17
6    Expression and ranking Factors Affecting the importance of borders    M.Sc.    kabiri, maliheh    2015-11-17
7    Explanation the Position of Policy Management on Spaces Development (case study city Khaf)    M.Sc.    safarpour, gholam reza    2016-09-19
8    Investigation of Geopolitical Components Affecting Humanitarian Intervention in Geographic Areas (With emphasis on the Iraqi Kurdistan climate)    M.Sc.    hooseini, seydeh samirah    2016-11-21
9    Investigate the effect of formal and informal education on establishing and strengthening national identity (about: three students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Toomani, Farzaneh    2016-11-21
10    Explanation the concept and factors of the Geopolitics of Food    M.Sc.    Dehnavi, AliAkbar    2017-03-06
11    Expleining the capacities of tourism in the development of border areas (Khaf)    M.Sc.    Rastgoo, Fatemeh    2017-05-22
12    Explaining the concept and scope of the political geography of Space city    M.Sc.    ghorbani sepehr, arash    2017-05-29
13    Title: Investigating the Capabilities and Challenges of Iran and Turkmenistan    M.Sc.    monavari, seyed rahim    2018-01-22
14    Explaining the Effective Components on the Spatial Planning in Border Regions    M.Sc.    GHAEMI, REZA    2018-01-22
15    Assessing the feeling of security among citizens of the border town of Zahedan    M.Sc.    mirshekari, mohammad reza    2018-01-22
16    The sense of social security of women in both semi-privileged regions (case study of Tehran's 6th and 19th districts)    M.Sc.    mahdodi, ziba    2018-02-26